Thursday, 5 December 2013

Gone but Not Forgotten

The title of this post is two-fold, one because today marks the 3rd anniversary of my father passing. A day I will remember forever! And two because although I'm no longer blogging or active on social media mainly twitter, the blog is constantly on my mind, or at least posts/things I'd like to share/feature are.

There have been numerous times I've thought about blogging again, but it never felt like the right time. Either that or I've always found an excuse for it not to be. In the beginning the excuse was “I was working on a new logo and template but it was never quite what I wanted.” The truth however is simple; I was and still am grieving. 

It’s hard to explain to those that haven’t experienced the death of a parent or close relative/friend what it feels like, and truth be told, I wouldn't really want to, as it’s different for everyone. But I can honestly say that since my father’s death, it has felt like I have been holding my breath. And it is that feeling of not being able to breath that has held me back from doing a lot of things, including living! (My close friends will know what I mean by that) - I can admit that now! 

It’s only been the last few months that I've been able to for want of a better term, “exhale” and that probably has more to do with that fact that we've (read my mother and I) almost finished renovation works on the house (my dads house). To go into the story of the house is long and boring, not to mention dramatic! - I won’t do that to you all, at least not on my first post back! 

I'm not sure what the aim of this post is other than to acknowledge more for myself than anyone else, that it is ok to move forward. That although I may feel as if I'm stuck on replay reliving that day, time is actually passing me by! 

So does that mean I’ll be blogging again, I hope so! - My mojo never left, I just kinda misplaced it for a bit!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Making Changes

Over the next couple of days (maybe longer) this blog will be going through some changes.

So sorry for any inconveniences and please bare with me (",)

Friday, 1 April 2011

Vaseline Lip Therapy with a hint of Marmite

Yes you read correctly, Vaseline has teamed up with Marmite to create a new lip balm! :o

Introducing: New Vaseline Lip Therapy Marmite If you're bored of your run of the mill flavours such as strawberry, vanilla, or even mango, try the new limited edition Marmite offering for only £1.99.

It would seem like the lip experts at Vaseline and flavour junkies at Marmite have gone crazy, but is there truly a place for such a bizare offering? Afterall stranger things have happened, like that one song with Jedward and Vanilla Ice, need I say more!

More information on the limited edition Vaseline Lip Therapy Marmite (RRP £1.99) will be available from 1st April exclusively on

Lauren Brooking, Vaseline Brand Manager said: “I am delighted to welcome Marmite to the UK’s much loved Vaseline Lip Therapy range. Love it or hate it I think the distinctive partnership will bring many benefits to lip balm users. Try it – you never know, you might just like it?”

David Titman, Marmite Brand Manager said: “We’re honoured to be helping the nation enjoy soft lips and Marmite kisses, however, we take no responsibility for the breakdown of relationships following the purchase of this product.”

Love it or hate it? You decide.

Will you be buying this, let me know in the comments.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Ideal Home Show 2010

The Ideal Home Show now in its 103rd year, is a great place to pick up handy tips and tricks when it comes to the home and garden.

There are so many things one can do at the show; shop, attend workshop seminars, watch a catwalk show, have a spot of lunch, did I mention shop!?

I went to two workshop seminars, the first by Linda Barker who demonstrated different ways of bringing life back to old pieces.

And the second by George Clarke, as I'm currently renuvating my house, I found Georges workshop to be quite useful.

This was my first time going to the show, and I'd say I was definatly overwhelmed by just how much there is to do and see! I definately left with a lot of inspiration for my own home, and would recommend going to anyone, even if you're not renuvating like I am.

But before going, I highly suggest you plan your day beforehand as this will make the day that more enjoyable, you can visit the website, where there is a schedule for the day.

So if you are a loss for things to do today, I highly suggest a visit! Tickets can be purchased on the door and kids go free.

Today is the last day of the Ideal Home Show.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Gone But Not Forgotten!

I started to write this post back on New Year’s Eve, but didn't quite feel up to sharing it with you then.

You may already know that my dad passed away at the beginning of December. It was a HUGE shock to the system and I'm still quite devastated by the whole thing.

My mum and dad are my everything! So much of my character comes from them! - My stubbornness, my OCD, the need to keep things that really should be thrown away. No it's not called hoarding! #sideeye. My love of football, these are just some of the things I have to thank my dad for. Back in the day, I used to help my dad fill in the pools slip; so come Saturday afternoon we would be glued to the TV to watch the results come in. #goodtimes

I miss the little things about him, his hands. The way he would purse his lips together when he watched TV. The straight face he held when he broke wind and I'd stare at him in disgust! - I'm quite positive he was laughing on the inside, but he never showed it! The way he said "bloody hell!" there's so much more I could list, but in short I just miss him!

There have been days where I've just wanted to lie in bed and sleep the day away, just so I don't have deal with it all! To say it's been a challenging time is an understatement! Not only having to deal with everything that came with repatriating him home, but also with people’s expectations of me! - It's been A LOT!!!

In the beginning I cried every day, some days harder than others. Now I don't cry so often! That doesn't mean the pain has gone away, it just means I'm starting to learn how to manage it! - They say time will help heal the pain, but I'm heartbroken, and there is nothing you can do to fix that! - It’s learning how to manage the pain that time helps with!

The last few months have been the most testing of my life to date and I'd like to thank all those that have shown their love, understanding, patience and support.

I could go on and on, but I won’t and I'll stop here and say, that yes I'll be back blogging and filling up your timeline sooner than you know (I have a lot planned) but it may take me a minute or two!

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