Tuesday, 9 June 2009

My MSF Collection So Far

Since purchasing my very first Mineralize Skinfinish (MSF) last year I've become obsessed with collecting them all!

I'm often on ebay trying to see what I can find from past collections that I missed out on. But I have to admit as much as I love collecting them and would do almost anything for rare gems such as Northern Lights or Metal Rock, some of the prices are damn right day light robbery! - I do love a bargain!

Plus I've come to realise that MAC will eventually repromote each shade, it may take them a while and you never know what will repromoted, but eventually they will! - Porcelain Pink. Colour Craft. Need I say more?!

So in anticipation of the MSFs from the Colour Craft collection (I'm getting all of them if you hadn't guessed and ooohh I can't wait =D), here is my collection so far;

1st Row L-R: Gold Spill, Soft and Gentle, Light Flush
2nd Row L-R: Petticoat, Redhead, Brunette, Shimpagne
3rd Row L-R: Gold Deposit, Blonde, Refined
4th Row L-R: So Ceylon, Perfect Topping

I can't help but say it again, I CAN'T WAIT for the Colour Craft collection! I'm SO excited, those MSFs are coming home with me! - Especially porcelain Pink!! (",)

Do you collection MSFs? Or anything else from a cosmetic company?


Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

Awww don't they look pretty?

I don't really collect anything per se, but I am a bit obsessed with blushers.

loveaudrey said...

That's an impressive collection! Do you have a favourite? I only own redhead from BBR but I'm hooked and will def be making some purchases from colour craft.

Caramel Diva said...

These are beautiful

Patience said...

Yinka - Don't even get me started on blushes!

I had maybe 2 at the beginning of last year, then after watching that YouTube blush tag, I've now got...lets just say I've more than doubled the amount I started with! LOL

Loveaudrey - Thank you! *blushes* I don't have a favourite although I do tend to pick up petticoat more than the others!

But if I'm totally honest I haven't used all of them yet, I just like how they look! :s LOL

Ps. I love Audrey too! Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my favourite movies! (",)

Patience said...

Caramel Diva - Thank you (",)

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